Affiliations and Coordinates

  • University of Liverpool, UK

  • Full Professor of Computer Science
    department of Computer Science

    Liverpool Office: Ashton building, room 223
    Address: Ashton Street, Liverpool L69 3BX, United Kingdom
    Email: k.tuyls @ or ktuyls @
  • Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands

  • Part-time Professor of Bio-Inspired Robotics and Autonomous Systems
    Delft Center for Systems and Control

    Latest News: My new webpage


    Welcome at my website. I work as a professor of computer science at the university of Liverpool, School of Electrical Engineering, Electronics, and Computer Science, Department of Computer Science, UK since September 30th 2013. I am leading the 'Artificial Intelligence' research section of the computer science department that consists of five research groups. I am also a member of both the 'Robotics and Autonomous Systems' and the 'Data Mining and Machine Learning' research groups within this section. Before this I was a member and head of the Agent ART group.
    Additionally, I founded and lead the smARTLab robotics laboratory, part of the department of computer science. My research interests span the areas of multi-agent systems, robotics, swarm intelligence, reinforcement learning, and evolutionary game theory.

    Next to this I am also a part-time professor of Bio-Inspired Robotics and Autonomous Systems at the Delft Center for Systems and Control, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Systems, Delft University of Technology.

    Previously I held positions at Vrije Universiteit Brussel (phd student, postdoc), Hasselt University (postdoc), Eindhoven University of Technology (assistant professor) and Maastricht University (associate and full professor). For more details see my cv.


  • My new webpage
  • Program co-chair of AAMAS 2016
  • I became a fellow of BCS (British Computer Society)
  • Clare Dixon and I are program co-chairs of TAROS 2015 to be held in Liverpool September 8th - September 10th 2015.
  • Senior PC member of IJCAI'15.
  • A vacancy for a PhD student in Deep Learning at TU Delft can be found here.
  • I am a keynote speaker at ALIA'14 (Artificial Life and Intelligent Agents conference, Bangor, UK).
  • For the second year in a row we won the world title at Robocup 2014 in the @work league, see smARTLab and here for more information.
  • We won the ALA 2014 Best paper award for 'Trading in Markets with Noisy Information: An Evolutionary Analysis', see FoCAS
  • Our demonstration 'Applied Robotics: precision placement in RoboCup@Work' was runner-up for the AAMAS'14 best demonstration award.
  • I was elected to serve as one of the 27 members of the IFAAMAS Board of directors.
  • I am demonstrations track co-chair at AAMAS'15 with Paolo Torroni.
  • Our smARTLab@work team has won the German Open RoboCup@work competition 2014.
  • I have joined the editorial board of Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (JAAMAS).
  • We won the best demo award at BNAIC 2013 with Applied Robotics: Precision Placement in RoboCup@Work
  • Our paper Effective Approximations for Spatial Task Allocation Problems was runner up for best paper at BNAIC 2013.
  • As of October 1st 2013 I will be appointed Professor of Computer Science at the University of Liverpool, dept.of CS, UK
  • I am workshop co-chair at ECAI 2014 to be held in Prague August 18th - 22nd 2014.
  • I will be promoted to full professor, effective September 1st 2013.
  • We won the world title at Robocup 2013 in the @work league, see SwarmLab and here for more information.
  • I am doctoral mentoring co-chair at AAMAS 2014 to be held in Paris May 5th - 9th 2014.
  • Gerhard Weiss and I are setting up a SpringerBriefs series on Intelligent Systems (Artificial Intelligence, Multiagent Systems, and Cognitive Robotics), for more information see following flyer